Receive in 48/72 hours, directly to your home, the goods purchased in the USA

Your package will be sent by express courier..
It will depart from our warehouse in New Jersey (USA) and will arrive directly to your home by air shipment.

You can monitor the status, the route and the position of your goods on the move thanks to the tracking code that will be provided to you via e-mail.l.

Delivery times vary from 1 to 3 working days. 
On average our customers receive their parcels within 48 hours. Less than many worldwide deliveries

The timing could be longer in case of adverse weather, delivery to remote places or islands and during holidays.

Attention to special cases:

PALLET: Pallet shipments are made with a 4/7-day Economy service and the pick-up will take place within two working days (after receipt of payment). (successivi alla ricezione del pagamento).

DGS (Dangerous Goods – Dangerous Goods): Shipments will be made with the Economy service 4/7 days.

We remind you that there are some types of goods that cannot be exported from the USA to Italy.

Furgone di consegna in 48 ore

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