How YouShipAmerica Works

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Sign up and you will instantly get your free American address

Create a personal account by entering the required data and you will receive an email with a summary of your information, access to your personal area and your new American address. confirm all your informations, and the full access into your personal area.

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You will be automatically assigned a personal box.

The box will be used to safely store your goods. If you send us more than 3 packages in the same box, an automatic 19$ fee will be added to your checkout summary. This fee, covers the warehouse space you need to collect as many items you want, allowing you to store your purchases in your personal box without time or quantity limits (you want to send us 100 packages and leave them in storage for six months? You can!).

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From now on you can shop on line in USA

Buy from your favorite sellers, retailers (or any online shop you wish); have them ship everything directly to our warehouse. You can have dozens of packages delivered to us from hundreds of different sellers / shops!

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When we receive your goods

When we receive your purchases, we manually scan the packages (within 2-3 business days) and you receive an email confirming the delivery. From that moment, you know that your goods are store in your personal box and you can decide what to do. Either wait (in case there’s more incoming packages) or fill out the “Declaration”. 

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Pay the shipping cost and receive your packages

Once your shipment is ready, you will be asked to pay the shipping cost. Your packages will be shipped via express courier; the shipment will leave our warehouse in Florida (USA) and will be delivered to your designed destination. You can monitor the status of your shipment with the tracking code that will be provided through email.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us

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