Free warehousing in USA and free consolidation of your packages

When you sign up on our website you receive a free us address but also a physical storage unit into our warehouse.

The storage unit will be used to hold your merchandise.

Your account will contain and hold for free your goods.

If you send us more than 3 packages you will pay a fee of 19 usd.

This fee covers space booking allowing you to collect as many items you want without limit of quantities ( you want to send us 100 packages ? you can ) OFFER VALID 1 year.

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Storaging your purchases into our warehouse into US territory is a smart way to reduce shipping costs from US to your country.
Why ?

Because we make only 1 shipment consolidating your packages

For this reason we offer a free consolitation. We group and repackage your arrivals reducing the volume of the original packages (We dispose anusefull weights, paper and space ) so we can compact all your arrivals in less space as possible to reduce your final costs.

We will create less number of packages we can referring to kind an quantities of merchandise , reducing the volume which will make you save money.

Consolidamento e repackaging

Warehousing and consolidation. FAQ

Here you can find some answers to the most common question about an american address with

Been our client is free however if you are a large buyer or a frequent buyer with only 19$ you can accumulate as many packages you want with only 19$ after the 3rd arrival.

Let’s make an example :

  • Shop to the online american stores which don’t ship to your country
  • BUY from your favourite US on line stores and let them ship to your free youshipamerica address when you signed up to our service.
  • We receive 5 packages for you and we scan them inside your personal Box .
  • Automatically you’ll pay the fee ( 19$) because you received more than 3 packages.
  • You can have 10, 20 , 100 packages into this box ( no limits ) and have them sit there for unlimited time ( 1 year max ) .

After you shipped to you ( imported ) you can start again with a new transaction:

  • You Shop again and you receive 2 packages ? we won’t charge you the fee of 19 usd
  • You shop again for 3 packages we automatically apply 19 usd fee

There are severals american online stores which don’t ship worldwide and some products are not distributed outside the us market. with our service you can finally buy whatever you want on or or any other marketplace worries free and you won’t have to pay international shipping cost at their price every single seller but Only one reduced cost obtaing a big saving in shipping.

You can buy an Iphone, an Ipad or a Mac in America, you can buy spare parts for cars and motorcycles (American, vintage), books, collectibles (Funko), clothing (shoes, clothes, hats, t-shirts , jeans, sneakers), cameras, GoPro and much more! If you want to buy something in the United States using our service and you don’t know or are not sure if what you are interested in is exportable, contact us.

Read the prohibited items list or contact us to have support.

There is no limit on space, number of packages or time. You can collect whatever you want and keep it in stock as long as necessary. ( 1 year limit )

You can send us your goods whenever you want (your American address can also be used for pre-orders!) And have it sent to your country  at any time. It is a procedure completely based on your free choice. If you want to receive your goods at home twice a year, you can do it. If you prefer to have it sent once a month, same, choose!

No, it can’t be done. The goods that you purchase and that are scanned inside your personal box, will be sent all together directly to your home. There is no possibility to separate the contents of a box into different shipments and / or to make partial shipments.

No, it’s not possible. We do not ship cars or motorbikes and our warehouse is not equipped to contain them.

Once it is scanned inside your personal box, the goods are kept protected and are completely safe. In case we have  received broken or damaged goods, you will be notified when you are ready to close the box (Declaration).

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us

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