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We are open Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 5:00 (American Eastern time); we are closed on the weekend. If the courier passes on Saturday and cannot deliver, there is no problem. He will come back to make a new delivery attempt on the first following business day, without you needing to do anything.

We cannot, but even if we could not help the purpose. We are very sorry to inform you but the customs checks cannot be miraculously avoided by affixing one of those written on the parcels. We can assure you that it never worked: the checks are completely random, it is not relevant what is written on the package.

No, it’s not possible. Rates are based on volumetric weight, so we cannot calculate a quote for shipping costs if you do not provide us with the exact weight and size of the package that we will have to ship. Each inch / lb can create a variation in the rate. Any “roughly” data cannot be taken into account for the calculation.

Calculate the price of shipping from the USA

From the moment the goods are delivered to the warehouse until the same is scanned in the destination box, it is expected that up to 2 or 3 working days can elapse.

From the moment of the declaration to the moment in which you will receive the email requesting the balance of the shipping costs, it is expected that up to 2 or 3 working days can elapse.

There are some possibilities::

  • You tried to pay with a non US credit card and the site does not accept them. In that case, you can’t do anything; it is a free choice of the shop / seller.
  • You entered our address as a billing; some online shops accept it without problems, for others it leads to the cancellation of the order. As a rule, it is always preferable that the shipping and billing addresses are the same BUT, if you pay with a NON US  credit card, it is better to enter the NON US address to which it is associated as a billing and the address of our warehouse as shipping. You can try to place the order again by entering the data as suggested.

Usually, the above mentioned problems DO NOT happens  if you pay with PayPal. Some sites still check and cancel where they deem it appropriate, but most do not create any obstacles.

  • Another possibility is that the site / shop / e-commerce from which you tried to place the order, does not want to ship to freight forwarding services, such as ours. Again, you can’t do anything.

Customs duties must be paid directly to the courier who takes care of the delivery and are calculated based on the type of object and the value of the goods (declared by you during the Declaration phase) added to the shipping costs. The% of the duty changes according to the type of goods (TARIC index), so we cannot tell you exactly how much you will spend, we can help you avoid being taxed.

Check out our declaration guide

The possible reasons why your package can be held by customs are:

  • Customs requires your tax information (Tax Code and / or VAT) to proceed with customs clearance; you will need to call the courier and provide the requested data.
  • Customs requires the “confirmation of value” of the imported goods; you must send (usually by e-mail) the documentation that proves the value of the goods (purchase order, payment receipt, etc.).
  • Customs inspects your goods; Customs inspection is the action through which customs officials verify the correspondence of the goods contained in a shipment with the documents that accompany it. It is carried out on a sample basis, decided by the customs body and is made to prevent tax / customs fraud, smuggling and the entry of counterfeit goods. During the inspection, the seizure of the goods may be decided.

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